Training & Consultation Services

Training Services:

Training is a fundamental part of what we do at Brilliance Business Solutions. Every Solution we supply and all designs we perform comes with training, ranging from a quick lesson on how to set up your solution or product.

We are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of small intensive standalone tutorials, and full training courses which will allow you to optimise your application presence and increase your sales through the internet.

Marketing has changed in the last decade, and today the internet provides the best and most cost effective tools for sSMEs. Most of our tutorials last an hour or less and are tailored to your requirements, with practical hands-on lessons to ensure that the course is relevant to you.

Because our tutorials are short and to the point, they are very cost effective. For your money you will receive training customised to your needs, a transcript of the course notes and limited phone support.

Consultancy Services

Analyze Project Requirements, Costs, Technical Considerations, Marketing

Every project begins with a good idea, but bringing a project to fruition requires meticulous planning. Initially, the project must be examined from a feasibility perspective.

  • What is it likely to cost?
  • How long will development take?
  • Is there a similar existing system on the market?
  • What are the technical challenges, and how difficult will it be to overcome them?
  • Will it scale?

Once the basic idea has been assessed and deemed to be feasible, the next step is to understand how the system will work. Every user interaction, every calculation, every screen must be accounted for. Typically design mock-ups and story-boarding are used at this stage, and this activity serves to confirm that both the client and the contractor have a complete understanding of how the system will work. This process usually raises further questions, and some rethinking of certain features is often required at this point. It may seem tempting to avoid some or all of this process, but this one step helps to ensure that the specifications are clearly understood, and saves time, effort and heartbreak later. For larger projects, this step is usually conducted and billed separately. The product of the research will be a detailed specification.

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